December 2020 Update

Dear Shareholders,

Fall is here and quickly transitioning into winter. The winter maintenance at the park is ongoing and things are looking to be in good shape.
We have been hard at work, streamlining information and processes to help the park operate more efficiently. We would like to let you know about some important reminders, updates and changes:

Shareholder Responsibilities:
We would like to remind Shareholders that under Regulation 4, you are responsible for your actions in the park, as well as the actions of anyone using your site:
Shareholders are ultimately responsible and liable for their own, and their guest(s) and/or renter’s actions within the Park and will ensure they do not deface or otherwise damage any of the Park buildings, other Shareholder property or litter on common property.

Water Testing
In the past, people have generally wondered about the water quality in the park. We are on city water provided by the Cowichan Valley Regional District. A few weeks ago, we sampled the water at two lots (on separate water lines) and had that water tested for bacteria, metals, and other elements. We are happy to report that the water quality is good and all measurements came back at levels below acceptable ranges.

The only item of note is that the water is considered slightly soft, or acidic. The pH value was just slightly out of the normal range. This would not be noticed in daily use, but is something to note for long-term impacts for the park. Soft water can corrode pipes, fittings and infrastructure over time, so this will be something we take into consideration for future maintenance and planning. Having soft (or hard) water is something that is taken care of at the water treatment site, so this would be the CVRD’s responsibility to manage. It is also quite possible that another test on another day would show the pH within the normal range.

Mis-Use of Park Dumpsters
There continues to be an issue with inappropriate waste being disposed of in park dumpsters. A reminder that the dumpsters are for regular household waste from the park only. Any large items, old electronics, furniture or construction waste are to be disposed of at a community landfill or recycling depot by the Shareholder. We are continuing our efforts to get security cameras installed in the garbage area so that we can monitor and deter inappropriate waste disposal.

Late Payments and the Assessment Payment Schedule
When yearly assessments are due, Shareholders have been able to pay in one lump sum, or in three equal payments in March, June and October. Spreading out the payments has created a considerable administrative burden and a significant deficit for the park. We are currently waiting on over $12,000 in payments.

As a reminder, Regulation 5 states that all fees must be paid by the due date:

Shareholders will play all fees, special assessments and electrical bills, and any other charges that may arise from time to time, on the dates stipulated on the invoice. It is in every owner’s interest to have all Shareholders pay their bills in good faith and on time. Failure to pay fees, assessments, and other invoices by the date specified in the invoice may result in censure, including but not limited to late payment charges, fines, hydro meters being locked and access cards deactivated. All overdue accounts will first be sent a reminder that the outstanding amount has not been paid, and that payment is required within 30 days. A due date will be included in the reminder. If the payment is not received by the “Due Date”, the outstanding bill along with a late fee will be sent to the Company Lawyer for collection. The delinquent Shareholder will be responsible for all costs associated with the collection of the outstanding amount including the cost of the Company Lawyer, court costs and any other costs associated with the collection of monies owed.

 5.1      To be able to vote at the Annual General Meeting or any special general meeting, or to be eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors, a Shareholder must have all fees, assessments, and electrical bills paid in full and be a Shareholder in good standing.

Some Shareholders are consistently late in providing payment and that means the park is without money it is owed, and needs, for a significant portion of the year. It also means that we are following up on late payments continually throughout the year, which requires a lot of effort and time. This means that there will be a change to the payment schedule for 2021.

Yearly assessments can always be paid in one lump sum, and 2021 assessments can also be split into two equal payments on March 25, 2021 and April 25, 2021.

COVID-19 – Collection of Contact Information
Thank you to everyone who has provided dates and contact information for people in the park. This is a new requirement (order) passed down by the Vancouver Island Chief Medical Officer, and we are seeing great compliance with it. The Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has also limited travel within BC to essential travel only, and so we continue to encourage you to stay home, and not visit the park, if at all possible.

2020 has been a strange year in many ways. We are glad that things were open enough that we could enjoy Paradise in the summer. We wish you all a safe and merry holiday season, and look forward to seeing you again in 2021.

Board of Directors, Paradise Village RV Park