Dear Shareholders,

We would like to thank those of you who have let us know when someone from your site is accessing the park. There is still an issue with people entering the park and not letting us know.

This contact tracing protocol for campsites, RV parks and resorts is a result of a Vancouver Island Health Authority public health order and we are all required to follow it. It is critically important that the Board have information at hand to provide to VIHA in the event that there is a COVID-19 exposure in the park. Health officials need to be able to track any exposure, contact individuals at risk and limit any spread. If there were an exposure or outbreak, and we could not provide accurate information, there is a very real possibility that the park would be closed until risks have been addressed and we can show that we can comply with the contact tracing order.

PLEASE do not assume that we know that you are in the park. If we are contacted by VIHA, any Board member needs to be able to pull up our emails and compile an accurate list of people who were present at that time – we do not have time to ask each other, did you see anyone else? was so-and-so there?

We have tried to be very clear, and we will restate it now:

**Anyone entering the park for any length of time needs to email the Board and provide contact information (see below for the required details).**

ANYONE means:

Shareholders – for any length of time. This includes Shareholders entering the park for a moment to pick up an item or to check on things, as well as Shareholders staying for extended periods of time, and everything in between.

Guests, Family Members, Renters and Visitors – anyone connected to you and your site, who is entering the park (whether you are present or not), must be identified and their information provided to the Board.

Tradespeople, Technicians, Workers, Suppliers, Service People, Etc – anyone who is working at your site or accessing the park on your behalf must be identified (whether you are present or not). Please provide as much information as you can, but at a bare minimum the company name and the date of access.



Please send a quick email to the Board at and provide the following information:

Name(s) of anyone accessing the park associated with your site or accessing the park on your behalf. This includes children.

Company Name (if applicable) for tradespeople, service people, etc.

Contact Information – BEST Email and Phone Number for each person. The same email and phone number can be used for more than one person.

Date of Arrival and Departure. If you are staying for an extended period of time, just take your best guess on a departure date and err on the side of providing extra time. It is better to be included in the contact tracing when you may have been away from the park than to be missed if you were potentially exposed to COVID.

The Board files the emails and keeps them on hand for 30 days after the departure date, and then they are deleted.

Thank you for your co-operation and support in this matter.


Board of Directors