Dear Shareholders,

As many may be aware, there have been ongoing issues with individuals having items come out of the washer or dryer with dark stains.  For your information, two of the machines have been replaced this year and all machines have been recently serviced.  There has been no oil found under any of the machines nor inside them when inspected.
It is suspected that the issue is coming from items that are being washed and dried in the machines.  Please be aware that oily clothes and heavily soiled clothing can leave a residue that could soil future loads of laundry.  Further to this, please be mindful not to launder any footwear in the machines as they could be contaminated with tar from the recent paving and sealing that was done to our streets.
Please be reminded that the laundry is provided as a convenience for shareholders and the Park assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items.
Also, please be mindful of the size of the loads placed in the machines, as recently an oversized load damaged one of the machines and could have resulted in a fire.
We are confident that now the potential cause of this situation has been identified and brought to attention, we as a collective group will take appropriate precautions to avoid any further damage to our machines and individuals property.
Thank you,
Board of Directors Paradise Village