Hello Shareholders,

With the busy season starting, the Board wants to remind all shareholders (and those who have friends or family staying here) about the Regulations regarding Pets.
Regulation 14 Pets
Shareholders, guests and tenants must contain their pets in their campsite so that they cannot get loose.  Dogs must be on a leash when not at their campsite and their owners must immediately clean up after them.
          14.1 Barking dogs or noisy pets will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
          14.2 Pets are not allowed on the beach, the grass between the roads and beach, the swimming area, or the fire pit area whether on a leash or not.
          14.3 Pets are permitted in the boat launch area to swim and while their owner is launching a boat.  Pets (leashed) are permitted to go with their owner to a moored boat and may pass through the fire pit area.
          14.4 The upper field is considered an off-leash dog park.
It has been noticed that there is an increased amount of dog feces being left in the upper field.  This is not acceptable.  Leaving your pets’ droppings on the field is not only unpleasant for those shareholders (or their kids) that use the field to play but also is unhealthy for our caretaker who is maintaining the grass area.  If pet droppings continue to be problematic the caretaker may not be able to maintain the field as it is not their responsibility to pick up after shareholders’ pets.
No pets should enter or be in the playground area which includes the basketball court and volleyball sand area.
Your attention to this matter is appreciated.

Board of Directors

Paradise Village RV Park